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While bronze plaques can be purchased from any supplier, most people prefer to use the Trust staff to organize their plaque.

All it takes is a phone call, email or contact us via our website.

The Secretary is available at the Hamilton Lawn Cemetery every Wednesday by appointment. The Secretary is also available at other times by phoning 0459 721 285 to make an appointment.

You can also go to our supplier’s web site to view available plaque styles at

Stone memorials are supplied by stone masons.

Types of Plaques

Generally there are two types of plaques used in the Lawn Cemetery, single plaques and double plaques

Single plaques can be used where there is going to be a single interment in a grave.

Double plaques can used where there is likely to be a second interment at a later date. The existing name plate is moved to one side and a second plate is added.

While the double plaque used to be popular, most people now opt for a single plaque which they replace with a new plaque containing both names when the second interment takes place. The cost can work out about the same.

You can also obtain plaques with three names on them which can be used when ashes are placed in a grave.

Bronze Image Plaque

Another type of plaque that is used is a Bronze Image plaque where a picture is etched into the plaque.

Plaque Options

There are many options available to customize a plaque including.


Different Colours (Not available in the SSD section of the Lawn Cemetery)

Ceramic Photos

And literally hundreds of motifs for flowers, sporting clubs, service clubs, church emblems, military, jobs, transport, etc.

As well as the standard motifs, custom motifs can be made to order.

More details can be found at our supplier’s web site

Or you can contact the Trust Secretary on 0459 721 285

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