Ashes Interment

When it comes to placing loved one’s ashes in our cemeteries several options are available.

In Victoria all public cemeteries must keep records of all ashes interments, and like all burials in both of our cemeteries, these records are available for public viewing on our website.

If you have any questions concerning the interment of ashes you can contact the trust secretary on 0459 721 285 or email

You can download and fill out the interment form below, this is a requirement for all ashes interments.

Download Application for Approval to Inter Cremated Human Remains

The Boulder Gardens

The Trust has established a series of Boulder Gardens

These have a concrete edge around the outside that can have a plaque fixed to it .

The ashes are then placed in the lawn in front of the edging.

This means that any maintenance work carried out on the gardens will not disturb the ashes.

The gardens are made up of large boulders and various types of plants.

More than one lot of ashes can be placed in the one lot.

Rose Gardens

The Lawn Cemetery has several rose gardens throughout the Cemetery.

Like the boulder gardens the ashes are in the lawn in front of the garden.

Niche Wall

The Niche Wall forms the Gate 1 entrance.

Ashes are placed in a smaller container and placed in the above ground wall with a bronze plaque covering the opening.

Existing Grave

Another frequently used alternative is to place ashes in an existing grave.

This can be an existing grave in either the Lawn Cemetery or the General Cemetery.

Sometimes this is used were one partner wishes to be buried and the other wants to be cremated.

Water Feature

A solar powered water feature was constructed as a joint project between the Rotary Club of Hamilton and the Trust.

This area was further landscaped as an ashes interment area under a Federal Government Work for the Dole Scheme.

Memorial Only Plaques

Adjacent to the water feature an area has been created where a Memorial plaque can be installed.

To memorialize a loved one whose remains have been interred elsewhere but they have a link to the Hamilton area.

These plaques are recorded in the Cemetery records and can be viewed online at

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