While bronze plaques can be purchased from any supplier, most people prefer to use the Cemetery staff to organize their plaque.

All it takes is a phone call, email or contact us via our website.

The Secretary is available at the Hamilton Lawn Cemetery every Wednesday between 10am and 4pm. The Secretary is also available at other times by phoning 0459721285 to make an appointment.

You can also go to our supplier’s web site to view available plaque styles at pheonixfoundry.com.au

Stone memorials are supplied by stone masons.

Generally there are two types of plaques used in the Lawn Cemetery

Single plaques and Double plaque. Single plaques are used where there is just going to be one Interment in a grave.

The double plaque is used where there is likely to be a second interment   at a later date. The existing name plate is moved to one side and a second plate is added.

With all plaques there are many options  including borders, colours and motifs. The standard plaque comes with a raised border and coloured brown .


Another service that the Trust offers is the refurbishment of plaques that are showing their age.

Plaques are removed and sent to a foundry and are completely reconditioned.

The reconditioned plaques look exactly like a new plaque. In fact the treatment they get is exactly the same as brand new plaques.


New stone memorials in the monumental section of the Lawn Cemetery are supplied by stone masons and are organized directly by the right holder of the grave making direct contact with the masons.

The same applies to new memorials and repairs in the General Cemetery.

Sometimes people choose to use a bronze plaque and concrete base to mark an unmarked grave in the General Cemetery. These can be supplied by the trust.

As there are no monumental masons in Hamilton, the nearest ones are located in Portland and Warrnambool.