When it comes to placing loved one’s ashes in our cemeteries several options are available

All options are perpetual.

In Victoria all public cemeteries must keep records of all ashes interments.

The Boulder Gardens

These popular gardens comprise large boulders and plants.

Surrounding the gardens is a concrete edge wide enough to accommodate a 250mm x 120mm bronze plaque.

The ashes are placed in the lawn in front of the plaque. This means the ashes will not be disturbed when the garden is being maintained.

Cemetery Staff can assist with location and ordering the bronze plaque.

The Rose Garden

The rose garden is located behind the office, each interment is in the lawn immediately in front of a rose.

A black metal frame is then placed on the garden in front of the rose.

The customer then arranges a granite memorial to fit inside the frame.

The Niche Wall

This is an above ground alternative located at the main entrance to the cemetery.

Ashes are transferred into a smaller plastic container and placed in the niche wall . A 135mm x 102mm bronze plaque is placed over the niche.

In an Existing Grave

This is a popular choice for many people where one partner wishes to be buried and the other cremated.

It also allows extra remains to be placed in a grave that is already full.

Graves at both the General and Lawn Cemeteries can be used for this option.

If you have any questions involving the interment of ashes please contact the Secretary.